Dr G. Suresh, Principal Scientist
M.Sc & Ph.D (Agronomy)

Contact Address :
Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research
Rajendranagar, Hyderabad 500 030

Phone : 040-24598156
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Projects completed :
· Sustainability of sunflower based cropping system with reference to input management in Vertisols
· Fodder resource augmentation in Andhra Pradesh through Subabul- A case study
· Natural resource optimization for augmenting land productivity through watershed development approach
· Root studies of fodder trees in silvopastoral systems
· Potassium nutrition of stylo in pure and mixed pastures

External funded
· Pasture improvement and legume introduction: Soil -plant-animal relationship.
· Utilization of fly-ash as ameliorant for improving forage productivity in Bundelkhand soils
· Bio-physical spread sheet modelling of silvopastoral systems
· Forages on bunds: Meeting the needs of land users through collaborative approaches
On-going Projects :
· Agrotechniques for enhancing the productivity of rabi castor (P.I)
External :
· ICAR Seed Project: Seed Production of Agricultural crops (Co-PI)

Training Programmes attended

 Attended short course on “Cropping system Models” Jointly organized by University of Florida and ICRISAT, at ICRISAT, Patancheru, December 5-9, 2011

Training Conducted
Course Coordinator

· Training on “Groundnut and Sesame production methodologies and techniques” to delegation from Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation, Myanmar
· National level Training Course on “Low Cost Production Technology for Oilseeds”
· Model Training Course on “Recent advances in Production Technology of Oilseed Crops”
· Hybrid Seed Production Technology in sunflower, castor and safflower
· Training Course on “Hybrid Seed Production in sunflower and castor
· Model Training Course on “ Low Cost Production Technology in Oilseeds” Sponsored by Directorate of Extension , Ministry of Extension, Govt of India
· Model Training Course on “Seed Production in Oilseeds” Sponsored by Directorate of Extension , Ministry of Extension, Govt of India

Course Director

· Training Course on “Hybrid Seed Production in Sunflower and Castor

Recent Publications (best papers in past 5 years )

1. Suresh G., P Padmavathi IYLN Murthy and P.Ramesh . 2012. Crop productivity and soil biological activity under different nutrient management practices in mungbean-safflower cropping system. Journal of Oilseeds Research. 29 (Special Issue): 318-320.

2. Sultan Singh, S.S.Kundu, S.K.Nag, G Suresh and S B Maity. 2012. Intake, eating pattern, nutrients digestibility and growth of Tharparkar heifers fed organic and inorganically produced feeds. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 82 (2): 309-311, 2012

3. Pathak P.S.and Suresh G. 2011. Biodiversity Conservation and management through Agroforestry : Issues and Opportunities. International Journal of Environmental Sciences.Vol (1) 1: 1 - 17

4. Suresh, G and Reddy, B.N. 2010.Effect of weed control practices on weed drymatter, production potential and nutrient uptake of sunflower in Vertisols. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 79 (12): 33-37.

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7. Reddy, B.N. and Suresh, G. 2009. Crop diversification with oilseed crops for maximizing productivity, profitability and resource conservation. Indian Journal of Agronomy 54 (2): 206-214

8. Suresh G., S.N.Sudhakara Babu and B.N.Reddy. 2009. Evaluation of sunflower hybrids for physiological efficiency and production potential under vertisols. Journal of Oilseeds Research. 26: 330-331.

9. Suresh G. 2008. Comparative performance of oat (Avena sativa) and barley (Hordeum vulgare) under in-situ grazing. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 78 (10): 827-829.

10. Suresh, G., and Khan, T.A. 2007. Studies on root distribution pattern of fodder trees in silvopastoral systems. Range Management & Agroforestry, 28 (2):79-81.

Area of expertise : Agroforestry and Oilseed based production systems
Any other relevant information
· CO-PI (Agronomy) of AICRP (Castor) and AICRP (sunflower)
· Life Member of four professional Societies