Dr.Basappa, H, Principal Scientist(Ag.Entomology)
M.Sc & Ph.D (Agricultural Entomology)

Contact Address :
Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research,
Rajendranagar, Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh, India- 500030

Phone : 040-24598132
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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Projects Completed :

· DOR/SUN-308. Integrated Pest Management in sunflower (PI)
· DOR- 105-1B Studies on Baculoviruses for the management of Lepidopteran pests ( PI )
· DOR/105-4. Management of insect pests and diseases of sunflower (PI)
· Development of IPM Modules for Oilseeds (Castor production system) and Nutritious Cereals based Production System (PI)
· DOR-101-1.Collection, evaluation/characterisation, maintenance and utilization of germplasm (Co PI)
· DOR 101-2. Diversification of parental base and development of elite lines, hybrids, populations and varieties (Co PI)
· MOS-109. Collection evaluation and utilisation of non traditional oilseed crops (Co PI)
· SUN-119.Population improvement for economic attributes in sunflower(Co PI )
· SUN-202.Investigation on sunflower based cropping systems effective resource utilization and sustained production/ (Co PI)
· DOR/CAS-308. Integrated Pest Management in Castor (Co PI)
· GOS-606. Value added products including botanical pesticides from the tree falling under minor oilseeds/ (Co PI)

On-going Projects :

DOR/105-6. Management of insect pests of sunflower (PI)

Trainings Undertaken (National & International)
· International short-term training course on “ Agro ecology, Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture at Michigan State University, Lansing, USA during June 24- July 6, 2002
· International Short course on :Insecticide Resistance (sponsored by ICAR and DFID, UK), CICR, Nagpur, from 27th March to 4th April, 1998
· Summer school on :Current Approaches in Biological control of insect pests and weeds, IARI, New Delhi, from May 27 to June 16, 1998
· Computer Applications in Agriculture , NAARM, Hyderabad from Feb.13-23, 2001
· Project management using Microsoft Project. NAARM, Hyderabad from March 4-8, 2002
· Refresher Course on Information Technology in Agriculture, NAARM, Hyderabad from, March 3-23, 2004
Recent Publications (From past 5 years)
· Basappa. H. 2011. Biodiversity of biocontrol agents in sunflower ecosystem, Journal of Biological Control, Vol.25(3) : 182-192.
· Basappa. H. 2010. Evaluation of IPM modules in the farmers’ participatory castor seed production involving tribal farmers in the Mahaboobnagar District of Andhra Pradesh, Journal of Oilseeds Research,Vol.27(Special Issue) : 278-281.
· Basappa, H.2009. Impact of integrated pest management modules on the activity of natural enemies in the castor (Ricinus communis L.) ecosystem, Journal of Biological Control Vol. 23(3) : 221-228.
· Basappa, H.2007. Validation of integrated pest management modules for castor (Ricinus communis) in Andhra Pradesh. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences , 77(6) :25-30.
· Basappa, H. 2007. Population of predators associated with leafhopper in sunflower. Journal of Biological Control 21(Special issue):85-87
· Basappa, H.2007. Toxicity of Biopesticides and synthetic insecticides to egg parasitoid, Trichogramma chilonis Ishii and Coccinellid predator,Cheilomenes sexmaculata (Fabricius). Journal of Biological Control 21(1):31-36.
Area of expertise : Biodiversity and eco biology of insect pests and their natural enemies, Biological control, Host plant resistance, Biopesticides, Chemical control and Integrated pest management (IPM)

Any other relevant information :
Recognition by professional societies /fellowship
1. Fellow of Indian Society of Oilseeds Research was awarded during 1999-2000 for the contribution made to oilseeds research in the country.
2. Fellow of Plant Protection Association of India (FPPAI) was awarded on 2nd March,2005 for the contribution made to plant protection in the country


            Life Member of Scientific Societies/ Associations


Life Member of Scientific Societies


Indian Society of Oilseed Research,Hyderabad


Plant Protection Association of India, Hyderabad


Society for Biocontrol Advancement, Bangalore


Society of Biopesticides,India, Jalandhar


Entomolgical Research Association, Udaipur


Indian  Society  of Agril. Information Technology, Dharwad


Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan,Mumbai


Karnataka Agri Professionals Association, Hyderabad