Dr. Hari Prakash Meena, Scientist
M. Sc.(Genetics and Plant Breeding), Ph.D in GENETICS

Contact Address :
Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research
Rajendranagar, Hyderabad 500 030

Phone : 040-24598112
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On-going Projects :
Project DOR 101-3: Diversification of Parental Base and Development of Elite Lines, Populations, Varieties and Hybrids in Sunflower (As PI)
Project DOR 101-1: Collection, Characterization, Maintenance, Evaluation and Utilization of Sunflower Germplasm (As Co-PI)
Project DOR 101-2: Introgression of Resistance to Alterneria helianthi, powdery mildew and Sunflower Necrosis Disease(As Co-PI)

Trainings undertaken (National & International)
1. Attended awareness programme on Maintenance breeding, DUS testing and Geographical indications sponsored by PPV & FR authority from 27.01.2011 to 29.01.2011.
2. Attended training programme on Plant Variety Protection and Commercialization sponsored by Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Rights Authority Ministry of Agricultura, Government of India on 21.03.2012.
3. Attended Data Analysis using SAS at NAARM from 17.08.2011 to 23.08.2011.
Recent Publications (best papers in past 5 years )

1. HP Meena, J Kumar, HD Upadhyaya, C Bharadwaj, SK Chauhan, AK Verma and AH Rizvi (2010). Chickpea mini core germplasm collection as rich sources of diversity for crop improvement. SAT eJournal,8: 1-5.

2. HP Meena, MY Dudhe, N Mukta and K Anjani (2012). Heterosis breeding in safflower: Present status and future prospects under Indian scenario. Journal of oilseeds research, 29: 164-167 (Special Issue)

3. MY Dudhe, HP Meena, ARG Ranganatha, N. Mukta and C. Lavanya (2012). In silico identification of conserved domains from EST database in safflower. Journal of oilseeds research, 29: 178-181 (Special Issue)

4. MY Dudhe, HP Meena, M. Sujatha and ARG Ranganatha (2011).Characterization and evaluation of sunflower germplasm (Helianthus annuus l.)International symposium on sunflower genetic resources,Kusadası, Turkey, 16 - 20 October, 2011

 5. S. K. Verma, Bikramaditya, Siyaram, S. B. Singh, A. S. Yadav, Digvijay Kumar, H.P. Meena, Roopkishore and B. P. Meena (2009). Crop Diversification for Higher Productivity and Profitability in Indian Perspectives. A Review. International Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 27 (3-4): 477-481.

 6. C. Lavanya, M.Y.Dudhe, P.P. Zaveri and H. P. Meena (2010). Exploitation of cytoplasmic male sterility sources in castor-A concept note. Journal of Oilseeds Research, 27 (Sp. Issue): 164-166.

7. Meena H.P.and  Kumar J. (2012). Relative efficiency of different breeding methods for improvement of yield and yield components in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.).Journal of Food Legumes, 25(3): 165-170.

8. M. Ramesh, C. Lavanya, M.V. Brahmeswara Rao and H. P. Meena (2012). Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for yield and yield components in castor (Ricinus communis L.) genotypes. Journal of Oilseeds Research, 29(1): 101-103.

Area of expertise : Heterosis Breeding, Maintenance Breeding ,Varietal Development 

Any other relevant information
A. Life-time member of Indian Society of Oilseeds research, Hyderabad
B. Awarded Senior Research Fellowship from ICAR India for Ph.D., IARI student