Dr. Md. A. Aziz Qureshi,Principal Scientist, Soil Science
M.Sc & Ph.D (Soil science & Ag.Chemistry)
PG Diploma (Chemical Analysis and Quality Management)


Contact Address :
Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research,
Rajendranagar, Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh, India- 500030

Phone : 040-24598157
Email-id : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Projects Completed :

· Integrated nutrient management and uptake studies in onion and garlic (PI)
· Identification and management of nutrient deficiency sysmptoms in onion (PI)
· Rhizosphere studies in legume – onion based cropping system (PI)
· Evaluation of onion germplasm against drought (PI)
· Biochemical changes in onion germplasm against thrips tolerance (Co-PI)

External Project
AP Cess Project (2004-2007): “Evaluation of selenium status in Indian type onion & garlic and interaction of Se on S nutrition of onion and its quality”. [Rs. 24.24lakhs]. (PI)

On-going Projects :
1. Screening sunflower genotypes for phosphorus acquisition (PI)
2. Long-term fertilizer studies for sustainable sunflower production in Alfisols (Co-PI)
3. Site Specific integrated nutrient management for sunflower-groundnut cropping system (Co-PI)
4. Long-term fertilizer studies soybean- sunflower cropping system in Vertisols (Co-PI)
5. Productivity and nutrient use of sunflower in sequential cropping systems in vertisols (Co-PI)
6. Conservational agricultural and nutrient management practices in castor-sorghum cropping system in Alfisols under rainfed conditions (Co-PI)
7. Standardization and development of microencapsulation technique for Beauveria bassisana spores (Co-PI)
Trainings Undertaken (National & International)
1. Use of computers in Agricultural research at IASRI, New Delhi in 1999
2. Horticultural crop production under climatic constraints at Rehovat, Israel in 2000
3. Human resource management in agricultural research system at NAARM, Hyderbad in 2006
4. Application of SAS (statiscal package) in agricultural research at NAARM, Hyderbad in 2010
5. Carbon sequestration and carbon trading at ICRISAT, Hyderbad in 2012

Recent Publications (From past 5 years)
1. Abdul Aziz Qureshi, Kisan Eknath Lawande, Vaishali Balasab Patil & Sibi Mani (2012): Relationship between Selenium and Sulfur Assimilation and Resultant Interaction on Quality Parameters in Onion, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 43:12, 1625-1631
2. A Aziz Qureshi, K. E. Lawande, Sibi Mani and Vaishali B. Patil (2012). Colour and tissue differences in distribution of quercetin in Indian onions (Allium cepa). Indian Journal of Agricultural Science, 82 (7): 636-38. 
3. A Aziz Qureshi, I.Y.L.N. Murthy and Praduman (2012). Suitability of safflower oil as feed stock for biodiesel production. Journal of Oilseeds Research.29 (Special issue): 467-469.
4. P. Padmavathi, A. Aziz Qureshi, M. Raveendra Reddy, I.Y.L.N. Murthy, G. Ramesh and K. Mahavishnam (2012). Soil Quality indicators under different integrated nutrient management practices in mungbean-safflower cropping system. Journal of Oilseeds Research.29 (Special issue): 315-317.
5. A Aziz Qureshi, R.D. Prasad and G. Suresh (2010). Scope of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM) in castor, Ricinus communis L. Journal of Oilseeds Research. 27 (special issue): 189-191.
6. G. Suresh, C.V. Ragavaiah, Md. Aziz Qureshi and Y. Rama Govinda Reddy. (2010). Prospects of micro-irrigation in castor, Ricinus communis L. Journal of Oilseeds Research. 27 (special issue): 206-209.
7. Aziz Qureshi, Md. A. 2009. Phosphate acquisition efficiency and P efficient crops. Journal of Oilseeds Research. 26 (Special issue): 620-622
8. Hegde, D.M.,
Sudhakarababu, S.N., Qureshi, A.A. and Murthy, I.Y.L.N. 2008. Enhancing nutrient efficiency in crop production: A review, Indian Journal of Agronomy. 52(4): 261-274.
9. P.S. Srinivas, A Aziz Qureshi and K E Lawande. (2008). Growth stage susceptibility of onion and its role in thrips management. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 78(1): 98-101.

Area of expertise :

Soil Fertility: Integrated nutrient management, identification of nutrient deficiencies and uptake studies, effect of major and micronutrients on biochemical and quality parameters of onion and garlic crops. Fertility changes in long term fertilimanagement in sunflower based cropping system in Alfisols and vertisols. Soil quality assessment

Soil Chemistry: Effect of saline water and manures on growth of tree crops and changes in soil properties, characterization of selenium status in Indian type onion and garlic,Interaction of selenium and sulphur on biochemical and quality parameters of onion and garlic, charecterization of physico-chemical properties of  soil

Soil Microbiology: P solubiliztion through microbes, P requirement of field crops. Influence of legume crops on the soil enzyme activity and their effect on onion and garlic crops.Crop residue and sno oil organic carbon, soil enzyme activities, plant growth promoting micro-organisms and soil quality assessment in long term fertilizer trials

Any other relevant information :
· ICAR Junior Fellowship for Post Graduate in 1989-90 (2nd rank)
· IARI Senior Fellowship for PhD in 1994

Member of Professional societies:
I. Indian Soiciety of Soil Science (Annual member)
II. Indian Society of Soil Survey and Land use planning (life member)
III. South Indian Horticulture (life member)
IV. Maharashtra Journals of Agriculture (life member)
V. Indian Society for Oilseeds Research (life member)
VI. Indian Society of Alliums (life member)
VII. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Annual member)

My Thesis
· MSc (Ag) Dissertation Title: “Combined Application of Crop Residues and Fertilizer levels on the Yield and Soil Properties in Sunflower- Chickpea Cropping System”.
· Ph D Dissertation Title: “Interactive Effect Phosphate Solubilizers and Phosphate Rocks on Phosphorus Nutrition of Soybean, Mustard and Wheat Crops”.