SNo Name Address E-mail/mobile/Telephone Brief remarks
1 Sri.Singadi Ramaswamy
Age:50 years
Education: Middle school
Post: Shettipalli
Mandal: Amangal
Dist: Mahabubnagar
Pin: 509 312 (AP)
094401909585 1.IIOR awarded him a certificate for attaining highest yield of 24q/ha by adopting IIOR cultivars under rainfed condition.
2. Helping fellow farmers for adoption of DOR-Technology
3.Attends every mela of IIOR and helps in spread of IIOR technology.
2 Sri.Boravelli Vinod kumar reddy
Age: 40years
Education: BA LLB
Post: Ramapuram
Mandal: Waddepalli
Dist: MahabubnagarPin: 509 126 (AP)
1.Innovative farmer
2.First person to spread castor in his area under irrigation during rabi
3.Advisor to Federation of Farmers Association of Mahabubnagar district.(AP)
4.IIOR-felicitated him, for getting highest castor yield 40 q/ha under irrigation by using DOR technology.
4.Produces Quality seed in limited quantities and supplies to fellow farmers at reasonable rate.
3 Sri. S.Butchireddy
Age:64 years
Post: Lingareddyguda
Mandal: Farooqnagar
Dist: Mahabubnagar(AP)  
09959333224 1.Cultivation of Castor and sunflower with the advocated production technology
2.Attends every mela and field days conducted by IIOR and helps in spread of castor production techn ology
4 Sri.Gangisetty Ramesh
Age: 35 years
Education: Graduation
Post: Amangal
Mandal: Amangal
Dist: Mahabubnagar
Pin: 509 312 (AP)
09441027620 1.Adarsha rythu. Proactive farmer and acts as a liason between the farmers in the mandal with IIOR.
2.Awaraded the best castor grower in the mandal by resoting to IIOR production technology
5 Sri. M.Madhava chary
Age: 37 years
Education: Graduation
Post: Amrabad
Mandal: Amrabad
Dist: Mahabubnagar
Pin: 509 201 (AP)

1.Progressive castor farmer who takes up castor  under rainfed and irrigated situation

2.Helps fellow farmers in spreading IIOR technology
6 Sri.Nandan
Education: Intermediate
Post: Cherukur
Mandal: Veldanda
Dist: Mahabubnagar (AP)  
09441162662 1.Castor hybrid seed 
2.Best sunflower producer
3.Helps fellow farmers in advocating the production technology
4.Best paddy grower
5.Having competitive spirit in crop production and ever willing to take up newer / innovative ideas
7 Sri.Dava Dhananjaya
Age: 50
Education: Intermediate
Post: Sankatonipalle
Mandal: Amangal
Dist: Mahabubnagar
Pin: 509 312 (AP)
09440886845 1.Recognised and felicitated by the state department of agriculture as the best farmer for obtaining highest yields in the mandal
2.Regular adopter of IIOR production technologies on castor
8 Sri.Mosha Rangareddy
Age: 45 years
Education: Intermediate
Post: Kanimetta
Mandal: Kothakota
Dist: Mahabubnagar
Pin: 509 381 (AP)  
0984863080 1.Instrumental in introducing   castor farming in the area with IIOR advocated technologies
2.Innovative farmer
3. Helps fellow farmers in fostering technology adoption
9 Sri.Sivakumar
Age: 52 years
Education: Graduation
Post: Kurmaguda
Mandal: Shabad
Dist: RangaReddy
Pin: 509 222 (AP)  
09490014020 1.Adopter of  IIOR technology on sunflower and safflower crops.
2.Best contact farmer
3.Helps fellow farmers on dissemination of production technology of different crops including safflower and sunflower.
10 Sri.Kosanam RamReddy
Age: 48 years
Education: Intermediate
Post: Thalla singaram
Mandal: Choutuppal
Dist: Nalgonda (AP)
09848766645 1.Innovative farmer
2.ATMA-Chairman at Mandal level3.Best contact farmer