Seed village concept

The seed village concept was for the first time introduced during 1998-1999 in Andhra Pradesh through the technical and logistic support of IIOR . The castor variety Jyothi(DCS-9) was produced in 400 acres by 146 farmers. Majority of the farmers (90%) belonged to small and marginal tribal farmers. Despite adverse weather situations, a total of 1250 quintals of certified seed was produced. The cost benefit ratio was 1:3. The stake holders involved were, Vijaya Vardhini Oilseeds Growers Federation of Andhra Pradesh, Sangameswara Grammena Bank and the State Seed Certification Agency. This success paved the way for fostering spread of the variety in castor growing areas of the state... This activity is continued in various villages. The Institute is now focusing on the participatory castor hybrid seed production at village level under the technical guidance from the breeder seed production unit with buy back arrangements of seed.  The quality hybrid seed is graded and sold to farmers at reasonable price.