ICAR-IIOR website was developed as per the guidelines and format given by the ICAR.
This site provides an easy access / browsing to the user for any content which are not required any plugins. The list of main modules in this site and their purpose was given below.
RESEARCH: Using this menu, the user can browse the information on Research achievements, ongoing projects in the institute, Technologies and varieties developed, Publications and Collaborations with other institutes
SERVICES: This menu provides the list of services provided by ICAR-IIOR, Viz., Extension, Consultancy, Analytical, Library.
FACILITIES:The user can browse the list of equipment available in the institute, guest house and seminar hall details.
FARMERS: This menu is useful for the farmers to browse the information
ABOUT US: Using this menu user can browse the information about the history of ICAR-IIOR, Divisions / sections in the Institute, Cadre strength and staff exists as on date and list of previous directors worked in this institute.