Swachhta Hi Seva programmes at IIOR from 15.09.2018 to 02.10.2018


S.No Date Event Information
1 15.09.2018 Administered the Swachhta Hi Seva (SHS) Shapath; cleaning drive outside /in front of office premises Details
2 16.09.2018 Cleaning drive  and Posters displayed for swachtta awareness  at IIOR Details
3 17.09.2018 Cleaning IIOR research farm/ compost pit development and maintained. Details
4 18.09.2018 Conducted door-to-door meetings at Bhavani colony nearby ICAR- IIOR to drive behavior change with respect to sanitation/ Organized awareness campaigns around better sanitation practices like health and hygiene awareness. Details
5 19.09.2018 Research farm cleaning / swachhta campaign outside research farm to create swachhta   awareness       Details
6 20.09.2018 ​Conducted campaign door-to-door/small vendors meetings at Rajendranagar road nearby ICAR- IIOR to drive behavior change and cleaning drive Details
7 21.09.2018 Conducted cleaning  of office premises and cleaned water tanks/Cleaned bushes and waste materials at Farm approaching road Details
8 22.09.2018 Conducted cleaning drive of IIOR office premises/Displayed posters on creation and use of Toilet facility Details
9 23.09.2018 Organized a programme about Suddi Kriya, Shankh Prakshalan and Kunjala Kriya for purification of body and mind and daily clean drive  Details
10 24.09.2018 Organized a programme of creating awareness about swachhta among school children, singed folk songs, taught moral stories about swachhta at Govt. Primary and High School, Narkhoda Village, Rangareddy Dist., Telangana Details
11 25.09.2018 Organized clearing of streets, drains and back alleys through awareness drive at Narkhoda village/awareness campaigns  ar Narkhoda for better sanitation practices like use toilets, hand washing, health and hygiene awareness. Details
12 26.09.2018 Conducted village level rallies at Gattepally and Gattepaly thanda at Vikarabad Mandal to generate awareness and sharmdhan  Details
13 27.09.2018 Conducted village level rallies at Gorudodla thanda ​(tribal village) at Vikarabad Mandal to generate awareness and and motivated villagers for clean drive and compost pit maintenance Details
14 28.09.2018 Clean drive and compost pit maintenance and conducted village level rallies at Rampur thanda (tribal village) to generate awareness and motivated villagers  Details
15 29.09.2018 Conducted clean drive, compost pit, separation of degradable and non-degradable material at Rajendranagar Research Farm of IIOR Details
16 30.09.2018 Wall-paint strikers were pasted at different public places and IIOR campus for Swachhta awaerness; also conducted clean drive at dumping yard and arraigned green and blue bins for collection of  bio and non-biodegradable  waste. Details
17 01.10.2018 Exhibited various wall paints at public places about swachhta and created awareness  and clean drive as shramadhan.  Details