IGKV Kusum (RSS 2016-03)

Safflower Variety IGKV Kusum
Pedigree AKS 92-4 x GMU 3812
Method of breeding/selection Pedigree
Method of propagation Self-pollination
Year of release 2020
Developed by AICRP (Safflower) centre, Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur
Released at Central or State level Central
Notified vide S.O. No. & date 500(E), 2/2/2021
Recommended ecology Zone-II ( Chattisgarh plains and Madhya Pradesh)
Special attributes Moderately resistant to fusarium wilt
Average yield (kg/ha) 2710
Days to maturity 138-140
Oil Content(%) 34.26
Days to 50% flowering 100