Various extension activities carried out are:

  • Farmers day
  • Rythughosti
  • Field days
  • Farmers meet at villages
  • Frontline Demonstrations
  • Visitors service
  • Participation in media for outreach of technologies
  • Print media
  • Television
  • All India Radio
  • Participation in outside kisan mela’s
  • Participatory castor seed production

Farmers’ Mela

This event is organised every alternate year at the main campus of IIOR. About 1200 to 1500 farmers generally take part in the mela. During the mela, an exhibition is arranged wherein private and public sector organizations related to agriculture, plant protection and seeds participate and display the potential products pertaining to oilseeds.


It is organized every year on the occasion of ICAR-Foundation Day” on 16th July. About 50 farmers participate in the ghosti. During the ghosti, an interface meeting between the farmers and scientists is arranged for knowledge dissemination on oilseeds production technololgy. Farmers are also taken round the demonstration plots within the IIOR farm.



Production Technology bulletins on mandate crops are published regularly.


These are published in English, Hindi and Telugu (local language) on regular basis and are distributed among the farmers and others during their visit to IIOR.


Developed films on Seed Production Technology in Sunflower in English.