Externally Funded Projects

S.No Project Title
1. Mass production of Bacillus thuringiensis(Bt) and Beauveria bassiana, formulation as oil based suspension concentrates singly and in combination and field evaluation (ICAR Network Project- AMAAS)
2. Development of practicable technologies for field level exploitation of endophyticTrichodermaas ameliorators of biotic and abiotic stresses in crops (ICAR Network Project- AMAAS)
3. Proactive mitigation of gray mold (Botryotinia ricini) disease of castor (Ricinus communisL.) crop in Telangana State using dynamical disease forecast (DST SSTP)
4. Mapping of QTLs associated with resistance to aphid (Uroleucon compositaeTheobald) in safflower (Carthamus tinctoriusL.) using genome‐wide SNP markers (DST)
5. Frontline Demonstrations (FLDs) on Oilseeds and other extension activities (NMOOP, DAC&FW)
6. Central Sector Scheme For Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Authority (ANNUAL) (PPV&FRA)
7. Seed Production in Agricultural Crops (ICAR)