Accession Registration No. Specific trait
RG 1930 INGR 03032 Resistant to serpentine leaf miner
RG 392 INGR 98033 Resistant to Fusariumwilt and moderately tolerant to Macrophomina root rot
RG 47 INGR 98034 Resistant to Fusariumwilt and Macrophominaroot rot
DPC-9 INGR 01009 S type pistillate line
LRES-17 INGR 01010 S type pistillate line
M-619 INGR 03095 Mutant of pistillate line VP-1 and resistant to Fusariumwilt
RG 297 INGR 03069 Resistant to Fusarium wilt
RG 2722 INGR 04103 Resistant to Macrophomina root rot
RG 1608 INGR 04104 Resistant to Fusariumwilt
RG 2819 INGR 06010 Resistant to Fusariumwilt and Macrophominaroot rot
RG 72 INGR 08085 Early maturing, drought tolerant
RG 1771 INGR 08030 Resistant to Leaf miner
RG 43 INGR 10135 Resistant to reniform nematode and leafhopper
RG 18 INGR 10136 Early maturity with high per day productivity and high seed   yielding ability at 120 DAP
DCS 106 INGR 10137 Male line resistant to wilt and leaf hopper
RG 2787 INGR 09035 Resistant to wilt, root rot, reniform nematode and botrytis
Yellow stem mutant castor INGR 11059 Unique colour and single bloom. Facilitating development of short duration varieties with synchronous maturity of single harvest.
DPC 16 INGR 14003 Pistillate line with unique morphotype of flower and stem colour and zero bloom with hermaphrodite flower at tip
RG 2818 INGR 14004 Resistant to wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ricini)
RG 2822 INGR 14004 Resistant to root not (Macrophomina Phaseolina tassi goid)
RG 19 INGR 15008 Non-spiny-extra-early maturity.
RG 2661 INGR 17049 Resistant to leafhopper (Empoasca flavescens (Fabr)
RG 57 INGR 19019 High ricinoleic acid content (91%),
RG 631 INGR 19018 Resistant to leafhopper (Empoasca flavescens (Fabr)
IPC 15 INGR 19017 Pistillate line with early maturity and distinct morphological characters
MS9 (O) INGR 98027 Genetic male sterile line
96-508-2-90 INGR 11060 Drought tolerant and resistant to Fusarium wilt
Ole-9-P2-P1-P22 INGR 13066 Line with high oleic acid (78.63%) and high oil (34%) content
NIC7133, SD5-1278 INGR 14002 Resistant to Fusarium wilt (Fusarium f. sp. carthami)
MGMS-7 INGR 16007 Non-spiny marker-linked genetic male sterile line
SFS-9943 INGR 19023 High oil content (34.7%)
ARG-CMS INGR 04101 Sterile cytoplasm derived from H. argophyllus
White pollen INGR 04102 White pollen producing sunflower
Apetalous INGR 07031 Plants producing flowers without ray florets