RSFH-1 (Tunga)

Sunflower Hybrid RSFH-1
Year of release 2005
Notification number 2458(E), 16-10-2008
Developed by AICRP (Sunflower) Centre
Regional Agricultural Research Station, Raichur
University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur
Pedigree CMS-103A x R-64NB
Areas of Adaptation /
Recommended ecology
North-Eastern dry zones of Karnataka
Seed yield (kg/ha)
Average 1200-1800
Potential 2000-2800
Oil Content(%) 38-41
Days to maturity
Kharif 90-95
Rabi 95-100
Days to flowering
Kharif 58-62
Rabi 58-62
Plant height (cm) 150-160
Head Diameter (cm) 15-25
100 seed weight (g) 4.5-5.0
Volume weight (g/100 ml) 42-44
Hull content (%) 28-30